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Car Rental Tips for First-Time Visitors to Uganda

Discover essential car rental tips for first time visitors to Uganda. Renting a car for popular safaris in Uganda is almost required, but doing it for the first time can be daunting. Rental cars in Uganda have become a popular, favorite, and safest alternative for most travelers to get around on their various trips, whether visiting national parks, business trips in the city, or other popular destinations.


Car Rental Tips for First Time Visitors to Uganda

Driving and joining the open road is the best way to travel and explore different destinations, especially in Uganda. However, you will need to rent a car in order to have a memorable experience on your trip from a reputable car rental company. Your Drive Uganda offers the best car rental services in Uganda, with a wide range of cars in our fleet. We are sure to provide answers to all your travel needs, whether you are on self-drive, guided safaris, family, business trips, or city excursions.

The First-Timer’s Guide to Renting a Car in Uganda

  1. Choose a trusted car rental company.

There are countless car rental companies in Uganda, but also tour operators offer similar car hire services in Uganda, and that’s why you must be keen when choosing one that will offer you the best services at an affordable price. You will have to search online, look through the various websites, and look out for reviews about the company from past clients or affiliates. You can trust and rely on a company with good reviews, a navigable website, a valid address, and valid contact numbers.

  1. Choose a suitable car.

Once you have decided on which company you are going to rent a car from, the next step is to decide which car best suits your personal interests, such as the type of car, the number of people you will travel with, and most importantly, your budget range and the places you will be traveling to. Sedan cars are ideal for 3–5 people, while safari cars like the extended-land cruiser, minivan, and coaster bus are ideal for small groups.

  1. Compare Prices

It is important to always compare prices from different rental companies after you have finally decided which car suits your trip. Different companies offer a wide range of cars at varying rates, which usually depend on the number of seats and the duration you will be away with the car. You can also consider if the company offers special discounts.

  1. Book early

Booking early, at least 1 to 3 weeks or months in advance, will help you prepare adequately for your upcoming trip and also avoid missing out on a car of your choice. You will be required to make a deposit of about 40% to confirm your reservation for the car, and the balance will be paid upon arrival before the car keys can be handed over to you.

  1. Book a driver.

A self-drive road trip may be an affordable option, but we strongly recommend renting a car with a driver, especially if it’s your first time in the country. This is important for your safety and comfort on your trip. A driver may not be your personal guard but will be of great help, such as acting as a translator, tidying the car, carrying your cargo, and providing necessary guidance on your trip with regard to places to visit.

  1. How to confirm the booking

Once you have confirmed which company you are renting from and the car you will be using, send in your inquiry to the website email at info@yourdriveuganda.com, or contact our reservations team at +256 704 538 374 and ask for availability. You will be issued an invoice containing all the details of your booking.

  1. Keep in touch with reservations.

Once you have finished the booking process and made an initial deposit on any of the rental cars in Uganda, you will have to keep in touch with the company reservations team, who will promptly give you the necessary updates regarding your trip.