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Camping Car Rental in Uganda

Camping Car Rental in Uganda involves renting a car for camping needs. Camping is an outdoor recreational activity that involves participants taking up overnight stays in a temporary residence, usually a tent or specially designed or adapted vehicles for shelter. Typically, participants leave their homes to spend some time outdoors in pursuit of activities that provide them with an educational experience or enjoyment. Although camping was at one time considered only a rough, back-to-nature activity for hardy open-air lovers, it later became the standard holiday for a majority of ordinary families.

Waking up to the sounds of exotic birds, watching the sun rise over the forest where the endangered mountain gorillas live, or having coffee with breathtaking views are some of the amazing experiences to have on a camping trip.

Whether you are looking to take a trip on a high-end, luxurious, or budget basis or just love to have the outdoors and don’t want to book an accommodation, road tripping or camping will definitely be an option you will have to consider on your trip in Uganda or across the border.

Renting a camping car with a full set of camp gear in the back gives you lots of ease and flexibility. Your Drive Uganda boasts organizing affordable camping in Uganda for all kinds of travelers, offering suitable rental cars for camping at any destination you would love to explore.

We present to you some of the top rental cars to consider while planning your trip or camping safari in Uganda and across East Africa.

Camper Cruiser

The camper cruiser is a popular and revered camping car for trips and safaris in Uganda. It is a customized 4×4 Land Cruiser with a mounted rooftop tent and a cooler box, and it comfortably seats up to 5 people with sufficient space for cargo in the rear. It allows you to skip tent costs and concentrate on renting other necessary equipment.

The versatile 4×4 camper cruiser can handle all types of roads, including steep and muddy slopes, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the middle of an isolated place. It comes with a rooftop tent that accommodates one person comfortably. However, you can rent a double tent as well, which accommodates two or three people.

Safari Land Cruiser

The safari Land Cruiser is another popular safari car used by different kinds of travelers on trips or safaris in Uganda and across East Africa. It is an off-road 4X4 vehicle that can handle any kind of terrain, whether steep or muddy slopes, in any kind of weather, making it a perfect choice for those interested in camping in remote locations. It seats up to 7 people with a pop-up roof that allows for great views on excursions, good leg room, AC, a cooler box, and sufficient storage space for cargo.

Camper van

Also called the camper, this mid-sized van is an excellent choice for group campers. It features an in-built fridge and cooking stove, beds, a radio, TV, and AC, which is why it’s considered a movable house. It offers comfort to its occupants in all kinds of weather and has sufficient space for cargo.

Safari van

The safari van is another suitable option for camping safaris in Uganda. It is a mid-sized 4×4 minivan that comfortably seats up to 8 people with a pop-up roof. The well-spaced adjustable seats offer comfort to its occupants, and the camping cargo is placed either on the roof rack or in the trunk.


The Toyota Rav 4 is another popular rental car to consider on your ultimate camping safari. It is a perfect choice for couples or family camping given its durability, endurance, and cost effectiveness. The 4X4 SUV is also perfect for off-roading on bumpy or steep terrain in any kind of weather. Therefore, you can rent a Toyota Rav 4 for your next camping safari in Uganda or across East Africa.

Are you planning an exclusive camping trip or safari in Uganda or crossing borders? Your Drive Uganda is your reliable partner in organizing all your trips at a competitive price. You can simply contact us on this website for reservations, and we will get you the best services there are on your camping safari.