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Car Rental for Wildlife Safaris in Uganda

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime with our car rental for wildlife safaris in Uganda. Are you planning a once-in-a-lifetime safari to Uganda or across East Africa? Many safari travelers find it exciting to visit some of Africa’s spectacular hidden gems, get a feel of the pristine nature of such remote or off-the-beaten-track areas, and get away from the vibrant cities and towns. Indeed, these African wildernesses are so tranquil that you’ll find yourself desiring to spend more time there or wishing you’d come before.

A typical safari to Africa will have you exploring wildlife in some of the most remarkable destinations, such as Murchison Falls National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, and Volcanoes National Park, among others. However, you will need some convenient means to travel between these destinations.

Most travelers to these destinations usually come from overseas, which means they will either hire a typical safari company to arrange their entire trip, including accommodation and meals, or rent a car with a driver or self-drive.

How about public transportation? Does it make sense? In this case, renting a car for your trip is more recommended than taking public transport since it gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility. That means you will have total control over your trip or safari.

At Your Drive Uganda, we will offer you a convenient rental car at a competitive price for your safari and the opportunity to view some of Africa’s big games in style. You can rent a 4×4 Toyota Rav4, 4×4 Land cruiser Prado TX/TZ, 4×4 Land cruiser Prado TX/TX Popup, 4×4 Land cruiser Prado TX/TX with rooftop tent, 4×4 Land cruiser V8/VX, 4X4 Land cruiser V8/VX Popup, 4X4 Land cruiser V8/VX with rooftop tent, 4×4 land cruiser GX Manual, 4×4 Land cruiser GX manual Popup, 4×4 Land cruiser GX manual with rooftop tent, 4×4 Safari Van, 4×4 Land cruiser Hardtop, or a 4×4 safari land cruiser extended. Our cars are well maintained to ensure your safety while on your trip. You can also hire a car with a driver or drive yourself.

Car Rental for Wildlife Safaris in Uganda

  1. Safari Land Cruiser

group-car-rental-in-ugandaThis 4X4 SUV is a popular car used by most travelers on wildlife safaris. It is suitable for small groups or families taking a vacation in the wild, exploring the countryside, or taking a cross-country road trip. The 5-seater and 8-seater (extended) safari land cruisers are the perfect mix of comfort and adventure.

Flexible seating and cargo space will make your trip a breeze, with sufficient space for friends and room to bring home souvenirs. They feature the added perks of leather seats and a sunroof, sufficient leg room, an in-built fridge, a first aid kit, popup roofs for game viewing, and the power and storage room you need for your entire trip.

  1. Land Cruiser Prado and V8

toyota-land-cruiser-v8-for-hire-in-uganda-car-rental-ugandaWith all the series on our fleet, such as the TX/TZ, TX/TX Popup, TX/TX with rooftop tent, V8/VX, V8/VX Popup, V8/VX with rooftop tent, GX Manual, GX Manual Popup, and GX Manual with rooftop tent, you are sure to have a wonderful, uninterrupted experience on your safari expedition. They feature raised suspensions with the ability to maneuver extremely rough terrain or steep landscapes in all weather conditions. The pop-up roof will offer you incredible animal sightings, and you can have sufficient space to store your baggage.

  1. Toyota Rav4 

toyota-rav4-car-rental-ugandaRav4s are versatile, have the ability to handle rough terrain, and have the power and design to help you explore more without sacrificing comfort or style. It is considered one of the most efficient and cheapest SUVs for rent in Uganda. With a carrying capacity of a maximum of five passengers, including the driver, this small, stylish 2/4-door car is a low-fuel consumption option with adequate cargo space in the rear.

Whether you’re traveling with lots of friends or lots of luggage, Rav4s can accommodate your road trip. Explore the spectacular gems of Uganda, take a trip to the Murchison Falls, or enjoy a drive through Kampala in your Rav4 rental from Your Drive Uganda.

  1. Safari Vans

safari-van-car-rental-ugandaSafari vans are a perfect option for those traveling in groups of more than five people. It features an open roof, offering breathtaking animal sightings and enabling you to take amazing photos. Its incredible design is meant to offer comfort even on the remotest roads. There is ample space for everyone as well as baggage. It’s available for rent to anyone going on safari in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, or Tanzania.

Your Drive Uganda is a reliable car rental company for 4×4 car rental and self-drive trips and safaris in Uganda and across East Africa. Just reach out to us via info@yourdriveuganda.com or call our reservation team at +256 704 538 374.